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Rexous ICT Resource Center Development

Rexous is well recognized in developing of state-of-the-art ICT Resource Centres. We build relevant infrastructure to create an enabling environment for delivery of quality ICT services.Our world class ICT Resource Centres offer sufficient features and options to meet our clients’ needs. We deploy adequate computer systems, robust internet access, air conditioning, 24/7 power backup, furniture, multimedia facilities, etc.

Our team of technically competent professionals make it possible for us to deploy ICT infrastructures for our clients wherever the need arises, which is why we are preferred to our competitors.

We do not just deploy ICT resource centres and stop there; we offer technical project management services for sustainable development. We believe that through efficient management, ICT projects will have a lasting impact. ICT Resource Centre Management encompasses facilities maintenance, hardware upgrade, software upgrade, putting the right staff in the right place, staff development and motivation, new products development, curriculum upgrade, business expansion, etc.

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