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Rexous Scholarship


Rexous Technologies has instituted a Scholarship Scheme that seeks to attract high performing pupils and students across Nigeria. The scholarship scheme is aimed at providing financial aid to orphans, pupils/students who have lost sponsors, whose parents have difficulty in paying their tuition fees, who are sponsoring themselves through school and indeed, pupils/students who may otherwise be unable to pay their tuition fees. The scheme as well seeks to recognize and reward academic brilliance among Nigerian children.

Through her Tuition Scholarship Scheme, Rexous has since 2013 funded the education of many Nigerians by awarding scholarships to pupils in Class 2 and above in Mission/Faith-Based or Government owned Primary/Secondary Schools and Federal Government owned Higher Institutions across Nigeria. The scholarship award covers tuition only. Application is currently open for the 2019/2020 academic session.


Download the form below, follow the instructions in the form to fill and return it. We wish you success.